Mano Figa is a portfolio and an online shop. 

But first of all it is symbol.

The Mano Fico / Figa (fig hand, properly, ‘mano figa’) is an ancient obscene gesture, and is also one of the better known protective gestures against the eye.

If in the Latin world, it takes the meaning of 'good luck' and 'have a nice day'. In France or in the US, adults use it to joke with children "I got your nooooose!". 

French and English faced each others for years and between them, intimidation was part of the game. When French archers were captured on the battlefield by the English ones, it was common that they ended up mutilated of the middle finger, the one pulling the string of the long bow. To provocate the French, English archers were showing their two fingers, stating that they would cut them. French archers had to adapt and started to pull their bow only with their middle finger. While facing the English, French were proud to show it to their enemies for them to understand that nothing might stop them.

For Ottoman archers and the rest of the short bow amateurs of Asia, the thumb was the important one. The Nah was the gesture of the discord.


What fascinate us is the fact that this gesture is used in Turkey as well but in order to say "Fuck you" (Nah). 

"Babayi alirsin"

Well-known Turkish expression

The 'Nah' or 'Mano Figa' is a magical symbol. By doing a Mano Figa, you can describe pain, pleasure, hate, luck, superstition and love. You can be angry, naughty, playful and rude.

The fact that it can be used everywhere around the world and got a different meaning in each place gives the Mano Figa a multicultural and "without borders" status.

What could be better then one single gesture that express all the palette of feelings! "Break a leg", "wish you the best", "you know i love you babe", "voulez-vous coucher avec moi?", "go fuck yourself!", "good luck my dear", 'babayı alırsın!".




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